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World Record-Setting Event

The Washington Association of RaspberryPi Jam Sessions is creating a statewide Raspberry Pi Jam Session that happens on the same day every year in conjunction with every college and school in Washington State and will set the World Record for the most simultaneous Raspberry Pi Jam Session happening on the same day.

During the Covid-19 pandemic stay at home situation we urge everyone to stay safe and create virtual events using your favorite video conferencing software (We will be using Zoom for our World Record Setting Event). We encourage you to build your web site using WordPress.Org and create videos showcasing your Raspberry Pi projects to post on your site. This way your projects videos will live on after your events to inspire others to duplicate or try something original. Once we can all gather in person for events we will help you coordinate your live events for maximum attendance. Learn ow you can set up your RaspberryPi to help find a cure for Covid-19 here

So the best plan is to start promoting your event as soon as possible and building your email list of interested people to attend your virtual events then you will have a great email list of folks to invite to your live events when it is safe to gather in large groups. We have been having great success with running a give away contest to gather interested folks. We bought a RaspberryPi 4 and will be giving it away to 1 lucky person. See our contest entry form here. Get your own RaspberryPi 4 here and launch your own giveaway contest.

Here you will find a directory of Washington Schools and USA Colleges to Explore your educational journey. You will also find information resources for your educational use from our sponsors as well.

Join the site and adopt a school or college near you to partner with and organize a Raspberry Pi Jam Session.

We need YOUR help to help coordinate and plan these events so please join and drop in a comment on the social network.

The planed time frame to have this event is during Computer Science Education Week on December 9-15th each year. We want to produce an Hour of Code event at each of these Raspberry Pi Jam Sessions

Help us share this with others. Download our flyer and post around your area.

College, School and Business Directories

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Are you interested in planning a Raspberry Pi Jam Session? Simpley register your event using our simple RaspberryPi Jam Session event registration system then get your Raspberry Pi Jam Session domain name registered and get your web site hosting for your event site at GeekZoneHosting.Com,LLC