Learn React and build your own Application.

If you are looking for the best intro to learning how to program in React then this is the best use of your time. Grab your computer and block out 3 hours to learn with MOSH! Are you interested in planning a Raspberry Pi Jam Session? Simpley register your event using our simple RaspberryPi Jam […]

Covid-19 Lockdown Tips

Are you temporarily shut down due to COVID-19 – use this time wisely and build yourself a better website and start promoting.

What is a RaspberryPi?

A RaspberryPi is a $35 credit card sized computer that you can build electronic projects with. It can replace your desktop computer because it has a powerful CPU and 4GB of Ram. It runs on Linux and It has a row of GPIO pins that you can connect to external sensors and interact with the […]