What is a RaspberryPi?

A RaspberryPi is a $35 credit card sized computer that you can build electronic projects with. It can replace your desktop computer because it has a powerful CPU and 4GB of Ram. It runs on Linux and It has a row of GPIO pins that you can connect to external sensors and interact with the real world.

All you need to do is plug in a micro sd ram card loaded with the Raspberrian OS version of Linux and attache a power supply, usb keyboard, mouse, usb audio system, and up to 2 hdmi monitors. Plugin it in and you have a fully working computer to use to create games, programs and IoT control systems.

It has WiFi or 1Gig Lan ports to get you on the internet.

The default Raspberian system comes loaded with LibraOffice productivity software, games, Skratch programming system, python, and other programming tools and utilities to let you create interesting applications.

You can even build your own web server and host your own web site if you wish to. You can put it on the internet from your home internet connection and get a static ip address or use a dynamic DNS service to allow the public to access your web site too.

You can connect MIDI instruments to it and create your own Digital Audio Workstation. You can attach it to a robot kit and give your robot a brain. You can even control your robot from a cell phone over wifi.

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